Case Study: Transformative Onboarding Solution for Top-Tier Bank


We partnered with a leading regional US bank faced with the daunting task of overhauling their onboarding process in light of new KYC regulations.


Prior to our involvement, the bank grappled with several failed attempts to develop a new KYC onboarding system. With a dwindling window to meet regulatory deadlines, no firms were willing to undertake the colossal challenge of executing a 2-yearprogram in under 7 months. This mammoth task also involved developing training materials and training over 6,000 client-facing employees across 600 branches.

Our Intervention:

After witnessing the bank's challenges, we swiftly evaluated the situation. Due to our proximity to the project, we identified major pain points and developed a proof of concept(POC) over a weekend. This quick and effective POC formed the foundation of our proposed plan, which we promptly presented to the bank's leadership. Within two weeks, we crafted a comprehensive solution and execution plan, drastically more efficient than the 3-month span consumed by previous unsuccessful efforts.

Picture of the POC:Building one of the most complicated (logic wise) sections over a weekend andmatching to look like an existing UI using the Rules Driven Approach.

Our Strategy:

●    Streamlined Approach: We discarded any dependency on third-party entities, as their turnaround times, even with agile methods, weren't fast enough. Our goal was to finish a fully functioning UI in just 4 months, a task others estimated would take thrice as long.

●    Innovative Framework: We pioneered a rules-driven UI framework engine coupled with a microservices-based architecture. This enabled parallel execution of components, transforming the bank's entire operational structure.

●    Efficient Division: The UI logic was disentangled from other components like styling, integration, and persistence. This separation allowed product owners and business analysts to actively participate in the building and testing phase. Utilizing familiar tools, like MS Excel, we eradicated 90% of the development and QA effort, also diminishing cyclical time delays.

●    Empowered Teams: By leveraging the microservices architecture, software engineers focused on crafting interfaces, system integrations, and design. Meanwhile, quality assurance teams were equipped with ready-to-use UIs, eliminating the conventional documentation-heavy approach for end to end testing.

●    Integration Mastery: The final product was a series of integrated modules that interfaced seamlessly with the bank's legacy systems, offering users a smooth, familiar experience.

(Multiple dev workstreams working in parallel - in addition to building logic)


Our solution enabled the bank to deploy their new KYC onboarding system in a record timeframe, achieving a rate 3x faster and 5x more cost-efficient than previous methods. The rollout across 600 branches was smooth, capacitating 6,000 staff members and avoiding potential regulatory fines in the millions. Our ground-breaking approach didn't go unnoticed; we were honoured with an award at the "Building Better Capabilities" Industry Conference for our exceptional solution to a pressing business challenge.

Key results:

Time saved: 180K+ hours
Cost reduction: $10M+

(Outcome: The high level components of the new system integrated into an existing architecture)