Case Study: AI Operations Overhaul Drives $815K ARR Increase in a Year


Our client was an established 20+ year old asset tracking SaaS startup serving over 500 clients in aerospace/defense. While profitable with a loyal customer base, consistent ARR growth had stalled at $1.23M without a modern digital strategy.

Challenge and Resolution:

Demand was growing but outdated sales processes couldn't scale quickly to capitalize. Manual outreach restricted reach. They needed an experienced digital partner to implement AI-powered client acquisition systems for rapid, automated growth.

We was engaged to revamp their growth model. We analyzed client behaviors and industry trends to define new pathways for sustainable scaling.

Our Strategy:

By augmenting the sales team with AI running proactive outbound communications, we expanded their abilities to personally engage a wider audience. Data science powered continuous process refinement for increased performance.

Heres a breakdown of a few of the processes:

Identifying ICP:
- Sitting down and truly understanding the ICP with them, is a key step in the process to ensure that our campaigns are laser-targeted and only ideal qualified prospects are taking calls with them.

Identifying channels:
- Understanding what channels they are already using and also channels where there prospects mostly reside is also a key factor to nail down, this is so we do not waste time on channels where we get limited contacts. For this particular case, email was the best way to outreach their ideal prospects.

Setting up the AI infrastructure system:
- Now that the ideal channel and ICP were identified, we sourced the leads via scraping the internet, directories and databases in particular.
- We then setup the emails and domains, with a heavy focus on deliverability as that is the biggest factor in why a company fails with their cold emails, simply because it lands in the spam folder.
- Once emails are warmed up, we slowly ramp up volume over time and send out simple copy using sales assets to our advantage, so that the ICP are provided value on first contact
- Setting follow-up sequences are also crucial, as the prospect may not see it, the first time or they did not get time to reply.
- Set up automations using Make, an automation platform, so that all the client acquisition process was as streamlined as possible and efficiency was at an all time high

In addition, we used social media channels to create awareness of their brand and the product. This was also aided by AI content generation.

(One of the many campaigns running for the SaaS, showing high response rates on a small scale


In one year, ARR grew $815K to $2.04M scaling 78% ARR. Leads generated monthly tripled as AI systems automised outreach 100% more efficiently. Predictive algorithms continually enhanced results.

By implementing an AI Infrastructure System, Automity empowered sustainable scaling from a plateau. Predictable revenue flows now fuel ongoing expansion, transforming the startup's growth trajectory through AI-driven techniques.

Key Results:

$815K+ revenue generated

Chartmogul graph showing the increase in ARR perquarter (1.23M to 2.04M = 815K ARR Increase)