If you are either a growth driven or profit focused business:
How to evolve into an AI-Fueled Revenue Machine before the 99%

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Case Studies
Case Study: $900M Loan Platform Built and Live in Under 12 Hours
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Case Study: New Onboarding System Deployed to 600 Branches and 6,000 Staff Trained Within 4 Month
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Case Study: $800K ARR added to Asset Tracking SaaS in 12 months
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Hear What Our Clients Say

Client Acquisition process automation

"Making the most out of every lead"
Founder - omni media
Founder - asa empire
“In just three months, this team accomplished what others took three years to complete. Their efficiency was unmatched!"
George S.
SVP Business banking - top tier regional US based bank
"For projects that demand rapid results without the hefty price tag, I highly recommend this team. They delivered in mere months what others might take years to achieve."
Henry D.
director of operations - major brokerage firm

How our AI Solution Agency works

The 4 step-process that your business undergoes to replace manual, repetitive and expensive bottlenecks with AI-powered, automated processes.


Step 1: Map out your business process

During an in-depth consultation, our team will learn about your business goals, workflows, systems and pain points.

We'll conduct user interviews and process mapping exercises to fully understand your operations.

Our AI strategists will then design a roadmap for automation based on high-impact quick wins and long-term workflow optimization.

  • Map workflows to identify inefficiencies
  • Uncover pain points
  • Improve customer journeys

Step 2: Find areas for effective AI Solutions

Leveraging our expertise in AI, we'll pinpoint where automation can have the biggest impact on boosting efficiency in your organization.

This includes repetitive manual tasks that can be handed off to AI as well as processes that can be retooled or redesigned with AI to improve outcomes.

We'll provide a prioritized plan for implementation.

  • Automate tasks to save 10+ hrs/wk
  • Cut costs by eliminating errors
  • Free up resources for value work

Step 3: Build the Automations and AI

We will build your AI automation leveraging state-of-the-art AI services like natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, predictive analytics and more.

Our technical team will customize the solutions to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools and workflows.

  • Increase output 10x for repetitive tasks
  • Ensure 95%+ accuracy
  • Enable 24/7 productivity

Step 4: Iterate from feedback

As your trusted partner, we will continuously measure the impact of the AI automation on your key business metrics.

Using the data and user feedback, we will refine the AI to improve its performance over time through retraining algorithms, enhancing processes and adding new capabilities.

Optimization ensures your workflows evolve intelligently.

  • Continued automation over time
  • Boost KPIs like sales, satisfaction
  • Constant solution enhancement

Our Products

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Maria Marketing Assistant AI
  • Advanced Qualification
  • Pain Point Identification
  • Intuitive Engagement
  • Interactive Experience
  • 24/7 Availability
Cald AI Call Centre
  • Trained on SOPs
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Consistency & Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Objection Handling
  • Cost Efficiency
Talaxy AI Recruiting Software
  • Automated Screening Process
  • Smart Assessments
  • Unbiased Analysis
  • Culture Fit & Skill Assessments
  • Continuous Learning